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Q. Why are some prices displayed with VAT and some without?

A. It depends who we buy the bottle from, if we buy it from a private collector then, by law, we cannot apply a VAT to the price, if we buy it from an Importer or Company then we are obliged to apply a VAT price.


Q. Are the bottles that I will receive exactly the same as in the photos?

A. Usually yes, for the vintage rare bottles the photos will be uploaded for the new bottle when the one online is sold, but for the newer bottling and releases where we receive multiple orders daily or weekly you will receive a bottle that might not be the exact one in the photos but at least in the same conditions or you will be notified of the different conditions of the bottle.

Another important thing to know is that the photos are professionally taken but not fixed or retouched other than a bit of contrast added to show the details better, be aware that by applying contrast some of the light staining might disappear from the photo so it is possible that you will receive a box or bottle with a bit more "dirt" thatn shown in the photo. If this is a concern you can always ask for detailed photos before ordering and we will be happy to send them to you.


Q. What about the levels of the liquid inside the bottles, is it important? And the decanters, I have seen some with a low level.

A. Yes, a low level (below the neck) means some of the Whisky has evaporated in time and so there might be a slight change in alcohol volume, although if the colour of the Whisky is clear and not cloudy it means the whisky is still in good conditions and can be enjoyed without tasting a difference if the level is not more than a couple of centimeters below the neck. For the crystal decanters it is normal that some have a low level as they are usually handmade and do not contain exactly 75cl but often more so they might have been filled originally with 75cl and the level appearing already low at the date of bottling. Usually if a bottle has a low level it will be priced accordingly.


Q. Can you explain how to "read" the italian tax banderoles that we often see over the caps of Italian imported bottles?

A. We have done an extensive research on this matter as it helps determine the possible vintage year of distillation on old bottling where the vintage is not stated and we have found out the following to be true 9,5 times out of 10. The few times where we could not assign an era or vintage year according to the banderole we have found out by asking the old bottlers to explain this to us and we were told that many of these bottlers used to buy from the Italian State big quantities of banderoles and were allowed to use them well after the particular design of the banderole was out of print, so it is rarely found but possible to find a bottle with a discrepancy on the following, but it is generally true that:

PINK BANDEROLE WITH TWO STARS and 3/4 litter statement: Bottled after 1971 and before 1976
PINK BANDEROLE WITH TWO STARS and Litre 0,750 statement: Bottled after 1976 and before 1991
HALF PINK and HALF GREEN BANDEROLE with 0,700 Litre statement: Bottled after 1991

So if for example you have a Cardhu 12yo bottle with a three star banderole you can rather safely assume that it was distilled before 1959 and so on.


Q. What if I will receive a damaged bottle? And what if I am not satisfied with the bottle I receive once it is in my hands?

A. If the bottle you receive is damaged or broken you have to immediately take a photo of it and email it to us at and we will replace it within 48 hours at our complete expense if we have another one in stock or, if we do not have another one like it in stock we will refund you completely, shipping expenses included, within 48 hours. You have 3 days from the date of receiving the bottle to contact us with your complaints, after which time we will consider the matter closed. The same is true in case you are not satisfied once you receive the bottle and se it in your hands, there might be staining or broken labels or boxes that you did not notice and again we will replace the item or refund you, in this case you will have to ship the bottle at your expense so please check the photos very well before buying or ask for more detailed photos if not completely sure.


Q. WIll my personal data be kept very safe if I use my Credit Cards details and send you my personal information?

A. Yes , absolutely YES! We will never publish, sell or in any way misuse any of the personal information you will send to us by shopping here! We use a very secure form of SSL for all your transactions and you can expect total safety in your shopping at Lion's Whisky.


Q. Which methods of payment can I use?

A. You can pay with Paypal, or Credit Card or if you prefer to send a bank wire you can do so by checking this option in the Checkout section, you will receive an invoice with our bank data and once we have received the Bank Swift we will send your order immediately.A. You can pay with Paypal, or Credit Card or if you prefer to send a bank wire you can do so by checking this option in the Checkout section, you will receive an invoice with our bank data and once we have received the Bank Swift we will send your order immediately.


Q. Once I have placed my order how long will pass before I receive the package?

A. We use DHL Express service which usually delivers within 48 hours from day of shipping to most areas and we ship within 24/48 hours from receiving the order, so you will receive it very fast, we want you to enjoy your bottle as soon as possible.


Q. Are the parcels well packed?

A. YES! We take it very seriously and have made several "throw the box against the wall" tests and have been using a very safe method of packing the bottles, so you can be sure to receive them in good order.
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