Lion's Fine and rare Whisky


About Lion's Whisky

Lion's Whisky SRL is a certified company resident in the province of Venice Italy, it is a subsidiary part of a Holding comprising over 1000 employees and was born out of the passion for Whisky that Diego Sandrin, President and owner of the Company, has since 1979, year in which he has started collecting Whisky. His passion and collection has grown through the years and he is now the proud owner of over 15,000 bottles of high quality Whisky, part of which is available for everyone on this online Whisky Store and the rest will slowly be uploaded and made available as needed by the market.


Lion's Whisky SRL is also owner of a brand new large deposit which is also the Headquarters of the Store and can be visited previous appointment taken by writing to and informing us of the time and day of your planned visit.


Our President and all employees will be happy to respond to any questions you might have during your visit of the Website, you may want further photographs of a certain bottle, we will be happy to provide high quality images of any detail you will want to see.


It is the motto and credo of our company "to provide honest, fast and complete service" which means we will not be content with selling you our products but we will want to make sure you will also receive it in the condition you saw it on the Website and in time for your needs. Once you become a Lion's Whisky customer you become part of a family of over 1000 clients which we have satisfactorily served through the years and you will be welcomed accordingly with the promise that you will not be left uncared for during your experience with Lion's Whisky.


Packaging of all products shipped is of the top quality on the market, we make sure your bottles are prepared and packaged in such a way to survive safely any journey, we have chosen the top International Courier, which has given us the best and fastest results throughout the years, DHL, and in countries where Express Couriers are allowed to deliver Spirits DHL will be the one used. We guarantee all our products are 100% original and as shown on the Website. We thank you in advance for your business and promise we will do our best to be up to your standards. Fell free to contact us or even visit us in Venice, for any question you might have or bottle you cannot find, we will use our contacts to try and find it for you. On behalf of our President and all Staff here at Lion's Whisky…..SLAINTE!