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Shipments outside the EU may be subject to import charges, these are the responsibility of the purchaser. Lion's Whisky srl ships your package DDU, "duties and taxes unpaid", and does not collect the VAT, duties and/or taxes and cannot predict what your particular charges may be. If your order does require these additional charges, they must be paid in order for your package to clear customs.


Furthermore Lion's Whisky cannot be constantly updated on each foreign country's laws , therefore if it is illegal in your Country to import Alcohol and the products will be refused by Customs officials in your Country , Lion's Whisky will not issue a refund as accepting the products back in the EU would make the seller incour in high taxes. Please before you order inform yourself from your local officials " IS IT LEGAL TO IMPORT ALCOHOL IN MY COUNTRY?"


We use DHL Express service which usually delivers within 48 hours from day of shipping to most areas and we ship within 24 hours from receiving the order, so you will receive it very fast, we want you to enjoy your bottle as soon as possible.
We insure your orders for up to 100 Euro automatically and free of charge. For orders above 100 Euro please request an Insurance Quote at or use the appropriate button checking out your cart.
If the bottle you receive is damaged or broken you have to immediately take a photo of it and email it to us at and we will replace it within 48 hours at our complete expense if we have another one in stock or, if we do not have another one like it in stock we will refund you completely, shipping expenses included, within 48 hours. IF you receive a box where there is obviously a product inside that has been damaged during the shipping route (for example, a leaking box) please do not accept it, refuse it and tell the courier to return it to the sender, we will replace it or refund you.

You have 3 days from the date of receiving the bottle to contact us with your complaints, after which time we will consider the matter closed. The same is true in case you are not satisfied once you receive the bottle and see it in your hands, there might be staining or broken labels or boxes that you did not notice and again we will replace the item or refund you, in this case you will have to ship the bottle at your expense so please check the photos very well before buying or ask for more detailed photos if not completely sure. Photos of the products have been professionally taken and not retouched in their form but the added contrast can obscure some minor staining, if this is a concern for you ask for detailed photos please. We have very many old bottlings in stock and many of them have ben damaged by time in some form or another, be aware of this before placing your order please.
We take packaging very seriously and have made several "throw the box against the wall" tests and have been using a very safe method of packing the bottles, so you can be sure to receive them in good order. Please refer to the paragraph above in case you will receive a damaged order.
For any other Question please contact our Staff at


In some cases where bottles are very old or badly capped we can provide, if you request it, to seal the cap and neck with Parafilm, which is a wax film that can be easily removed once you receive the bottle, this can decrease the chance of leaking during the shipping. If you do want us to apply parafilm to a certain bottle that you have ordered please state so in your order at the comments box or send us an email before we ship your product.