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Lagavulin 1976 30 years old 52.6%


Lagavulin 30 years old 52.6% 70cl 2340 bottles


Distillery: Lagavulin - Status: Active - Region: Islay

Vintage: 1976
Age: 30yo
Alcohol Vol: 52.6%
CL/ML: 70cl
Bottler: OB
N. of Bottles produced: 2340
Details: With box



Hard to find 30 years old Lagavulin aged 30 years and bottled at 52.6% in a limited series of 2340 bottles.

Distillery's Character


Tasting notes

Lion's | 25-04-2013


Colour: pale gold.

Nose: certainly bolder (maybe hotter and more spirity) and rather unusual, very different from what you’d expect from Lagavulin. Starts on rather bold notes of nutmeg, almonds, smoked tea, old books and maybe a little incense and starts developing on passion fruits, mangos, white currants and ripe peaches. Then we have a little mint, mint flavoured tea, peat smoke, liquorice tea, cigar box, hints of shoe polish… Finally apple skins, hints of ginger ale and old walnuts and we’re back to almonds (and a little coffee)… All that is rather subtle and I’d say it reminds me of the old 12yo. The fire’s gone but it left room for delicacy and subtlety.

Mouth: just like with the Talisker, the palate seems to be bolder than the nose – and bolder than the Talisker’s. Also sweeter, fruitier and spicier, with lots of fresh nuts (macadamia spring to mind) and quite some lemon, grapefruit and liquorice stick. Grows bolder and peatier by the minute, with also a little ginger, cardamom, green, tea, apple skins… A fantastic development, from a maybe slightly shy start (considering it’s Lagavulin) to a bold, thick and extremely satisfying middle.

The finish is long, almondy, peaty, smoky and salty (although a little less than the Talisker’s) and the whole is just a beautiful Lagavulin than doesn’t taste his age. I’d advise any taster to take his/her time with this one, it’s really the development that is fantastic – and I think this 30 yo has more to tell than the 25. Is that experience? 93 points


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