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Rosebank 20 Years Old 57% Zenith 2580 Bottles


Rosebank 20 Years Old 57% 75cl Zenith Bonfanti 2580 Bottles


Distillery: Rosebank - Status: Closed - Region: Lowlands

Age: 20yo
Alcohol Vol: 57%
CL/ML: 75cl
Bottler: OB
N. of Bottles produced: 2580
Series: 20yo 
Details: Zenith Bonfanti Import



Can you say Legend. Can you say "why have only 2580 bottles of this mountain of a whisky been made?" Grab one before they are all gone, people dont collect these ones, they drink them.

Distillery's Character


Tasting notes

William | 05-04-2013

This is pure nectar and by far the most sublime Rosebank I've ever had. Almost Rieslingesque in character and with smoke (would you believe?). The smoke could resemble the petroleum aromas found in older Spatlese Rieslings.

I sincerely hope that those people who buy this whisky, buy it for consumption. It should be forbidden by law to collect this. I bought a bottle some 10 years back for a reasonable price which was opened at my 40th birthday.

Lion's | 02-02-2013


Colour: pale gold.

Nose: ...coal smoke and shoe polish, like many of the old dumpies by Cadenhead. Also more kumquats and lemon marmalade, but I’m sure water will be needed again. So, with water: plain shoe polish! Reminds me of my days in the army – don’t ask me why I like shoe polish then. Faint whiffs of wet dogs (not army dogs).

Mouth (neat): fantabulous attack, but not one that would please everyone. Thick and oily, starting extremely tarry and almost metallic (nah, this bottle had a cork stopper), with the lemony notes starting to act on your tongue like myriads of mini-explosions (err, or something like that). Then it’s kumquats, bitter oranges, mastic, peanut butter, lemon-flavoured toffee, crystallised fruits (all kinds)... Wowie! With water: even better, even more complex. Gorgeous whisky.

Finish: we haven’t gotten all day, have we? Comments: a legendary bottle, an ode to the Lowlands of Scotland – 93 points.


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